Eclipse Mac OS X Toggle comment keyboard shortcut

With Eclipse on Windows, you can comment a code section by typing CTRL-/ . On a Mac, this is not possible because CMD-/ is mapped system-wide to the Help feature. So, the shortcut becomes CMD-7 . That’s mentioned in the menu item and it’s fine on qwerty keyboards and all layouts that have the numbers on by deault. On azerty keyboards (Belgian or French), the number keys by default produce &锑(§è!çà) and you need to use the shift key to get the numbers. The toggle command tool however does not work with CMD-SHIFT-7 nor CMD-è. I looked for the actual shortcut for months and at last David Nguyen found it:


I’m happy.

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  1. bd says:

    Been trying to guess that shortcut for a while now using plain common sense but I’ve failed to get it. Google brought me to your post. Merci beaucoup.

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